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Interest rates

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Mortgage Rates | Forecast after July OCR

My personal view is the official cash rate (OCR) should not increase....

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NZ Property | Where to for house prices?

Will property prices fall in New Zealand? Is now a good time to buy? Is property a good in...

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Mortgage Rates | Fasten your seatbelts

You need to take a macro view of interest rates to work out the future. My view?...

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Mortgage Rates | Rates on the increase

Short-term fixed mortgage rates have started to increase in anticipation of a June increas...

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Mortgage rates | OCR unchanged at 2.50%

As expected the official cash rate (OCR) remained unchanged today. Better still, Big Al (t...

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Renting versus buying first home

Does it make sense to keep renting, or are you in a position to buy? Buying your first ho...

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Stretching yourself into a big mortgage

I share my view on stretching yourself into a big mortgage. Worth it or not?...

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NZ Mortgage Rate Forecast 2010

For the past 12 months mortgage rates have been at historic lows....

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