Looking up at apartment building

Property Investing

Property Investor | The downside of leverage

A few clients have rediscovered recently that it isn’t always easy to release equity when ...

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New Zealand currency

Why cash is still king 7 years after the GFC

In a world with easy credit and awash with cash, asset prices have markedly increased. Cap...

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Builder on site

House prices and poor productivity

Over the past two and half years I’ve dabbled in property development, and are in the proc...

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Padlocked door

The pros and cons of using more than one lender

Investors often make the mistake of assuming that individual loans relate to specific prop...

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Pile of coins

Manage your own rental properties for extra cashflow

With rising mortgage rates it is worth looking at whether you can successfully manage your...

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Rental application, paperwork

When tenancies go wrong

I’ve been sworn at, abused, threatened and accused. Why? Because some tenancies go bad....

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Buying apartments in NZ off plan

With the “property shortage” in Auckland there has been a spike in apartment development a...

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Gift wrapped box

Land speculation and "Pass the Parcel"

We've all read or heard that houses are overvalued and that we are not building enough hou...

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