Looking up at apartment building

Property Investing

Money and investing - A bigger picture on property

A lot has been happening the past few weeks that has impacts for property and investors. T...

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Property investor, paperwork

Wanna be a developer?

Pre GFC, property developers had mythical rock star type status. The public face of the in...

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When it comes to buying property, be the "Frog"

Put simply, be patient! Right now I won't be the only investor struggling to find good pro...

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S&M mask and handcuffs

Be good to money

In a nutshell you make money by doing something other than “money” extremely well....

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Closeup - spade digging dirt

Lessons on relocatable houses and subdividing land

I've been buying and developing a lot of properties this year either as an investor, or as...

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Himikera Property exterior

Growing your property portfolio

We get to see a number of ambitious young investors looking to rapidly grow their fledglin...

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Big dog, little dog - is bigger better?

Property investing: Is big better?

Is big better? The way banks respond to larger investors, you’d think probably not....

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Upside down house

My thoughts on property investing in 2011

There is plenty of evidence around us that the Government and businesses like banks are no...

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