Stormtrooper figurine reaching up to a bulb


Is it time to be conservative?

I’ve been saying for some time that we are living in a period of unusually high economic r...

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Do you want a genuine 8.00% p.a. return on your money?

With interest rates (and rental yields) trending ever lower the opportunity to get a retur...

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Is this the end of flat money?

Flat money is paper money that comes into existence by government law. It is not valued to...

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Squirrel Money gets peer-to-peer license

After almost a year of IT development and scurrying about Squirrel Money has been licensed...

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Rushed Auckland 70% LVR policy - who pays?

The Reserve Bank’s new 70% LVR policy feels like a headless chicken moment....

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Earth as viewed from space

Global economic overview

I’ve literally just got back from a week of conferences in the United States....

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Close up of computer chip

Rise of the machines - Part I

You'd agree that with the speed of technological change, the possibility of a Skynet type ...

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Finger about to burst a floating bubble

Will there be a 'Market Correction' in 2015?

It is a scary question and one for which I don't have a reliable answer. There will be a m...

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