Woman holding up a sparkler

First home buyers

Our latest makeover

Clients were too afraid to take this one on so we did it ourselves and have now put it on ...

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Paint brush with white paint, renovation

We've finished our first makeover

We did this makeover with a $70,000 budget, which was a mixture of our funding and some cl...

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Piggy bank

Planning your mortgage pays off

What if you could pay off your mortgage in 15 years? It’s easier than you think....

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Woman sitting in cafe

Five ways to make buying a home easier


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Young couple on couch, first home buyers

10 Hot tips for first home buyers

Buying a home isn’t easy at the best of times. There are a lot of crap overpriced houses o...

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For rent sign

Renting versus buying first home

Does it make sense to keep renting, or are you in a position to buy? Buying your first ho...

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Woman trying to stretch on football pitch

Stretching yourself into a big mortgage

I share my view on stretching yourself into a big mortgage. Worth it or not?...

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Question mark

When is a good time to buy my first home?

There is no shortage of people with opinions on the property market! When it comes to buyi...

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